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    Are we having technical glitches, please, Automattic staff ?

    The blog I need help with is margaretrosestringer.com.



    Please provide that URL of whatever post it is that you cannot comment on. If you cannot reply to a comment on your own blog then state exactly which one is it that you want Staff to look at.


    It’s OK this-morning, Titi – I will close down this request.
    But last night it was driving me bonkers …



    I cannot comment even on wordpress blogs as I cancelled a gmail account and I am trying to use another. I get a block that says somebody is using Dublinmick. This has gone on for sometime. I am about ready to give up blogging.


    Contact me at (email redacted)


    In other words, you’ve mistakenly made your blog sort of inaccessible.
    I’ve done that.
    Enter a new request to Support under a heading like
    and then detail what you did.
    They’ll spell it out for you. I’m sorry, but it was an awful long time ago that I did it, and I can’t remember the solution.


    It’s happening again. There are so many things going wrong these days that I might go mad …



    @ margaretrosestringer
    Sorry for the trouble you’re having! Based on your screenshot, it looks like the trouble happens when you’re replying to a comment in the notifications drop-down window. Is that right? Do you see the blue “Reply” button in the lower left below the comment box there? If so, what happens when you click on it?

    Also, do you also have trouble replying if you go to the post and try to reply there? Or does it only happen when replying from that notifications drop-down window?

    @ dublinmick
    Please start a new forum thread with your question. That will help us keep track of your support request separately from the one described here. Thanks!


    Rachel, it transpires that this sort of thing is happening to many members of the WordPress blogging community:




    Hi M-R,

    Can you provide more details about exactly what steps you’re taking when you try to comment and what goes wrong? That will help me investigate the issue for you.


    Speaking for myself only …
    The little square up on the right top light up – http://snag.gy/UUUDB.jpg
    I click on it and receive my comment.
    I hit Reply, and type a response.
    Then I lick on the blue Reply button and the little round-&-round animation starts up … and then stops and disappears.
    And the Reply is still sitting there.
    I reckon I could bet everything I have on the fact that that’s what happens to the others who are complaining, too …



    Thanks for those details, M-R. It looks like you’re using the Chrome browser, is that right?

    Can you check to see if you have any browser extensions turned on? In Chrome, you can check that here: chrome://extensions/




    Hi M-R, I’ve been investigating this and poking around to try to reproduce the problem on my end, but so far no luck. Would you mind doing a little advanced browser troubleshooting with me?

    In particular, I’d like to try looking for Javascript errors in your Chrome browser:

    1. First, in the Chrome menu go to View → Developer → JavaScript Console.
    2. The error console should load at the bottom of your page. Make sure that the Console tab at the top of the console and the Errors tab at the bottom are selected.
    3. Then, try replying to a comment from your notifications drop-down. Take a screenshot of all the errors that are shown in that Console.

    That should hopefully give us more clues as to what’s going wrong!


    As you can see, Rachel, it isn’t showing correctly: there are commands missing from the bottom line.
    I’m fairly sure my Chrome isn’t properly installed: I went through a hellish time fairly recently, over a period of about 2 months, when it never opened full-screen and gave me an error message about not having been shut down properly – EVERY TIME I opened it.
    Then it decided to stop doing that. I have no idea why: I must’ve deinstalled and reinstalled it a thousand times …
    Anyway; this command screen doesn’t look as it should. Is there anything you can direct me to in that regard ? I have attempted to get responses from Google without success: I loathe the bastards.



    Hi M-R,

    Thanks for your patience while I investigated this a bit more. Since you have some doubts about Chrome being properly installed, would you mind testing out another browser to see if the notifications are working there? (You don’t have to switch over to a different browser permanently — it will just help us see if the problem really is limited to your Chrome browser.)

    You can download another browser to test it out here: http://browsehappy.com/

    Let me know how that goes!

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