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unable to sahre youtube video

  1. blueplumblossomsdecoded

    usually all I need just copy and paste embed code on youtube video but since two days ago I don't know why but it didn't work. I cannot paste the code, what happen? help please

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you mean that when you paste it, the URL does not appear? Or do you mean that the URL pasts like normal, but the youtube video does not appear in the post?

  3. blueplumblossomsdecoded

    the URL does not appear,

  4. Don't use the New Post button; it causes endless problems. Create posts by going to the dashboard Posts->Add New page and do it there.

    I always use the shortcode of the form [youtube=URL] and it always works.

  5. blueplumblossomsdecoded

    nah, that's why I call it problem, I know New Post button is troublesome that's why I never use it. I use dashboard posts as usual, but still I can't paste the code, I just trying it again, the result is still the same. It's frustrating

  6. What is the URL of this video please? Have you tried using the shortcode as raincoaster suggests. It has never failed for me and I use it exclusively.
    [youtube] embeds a YouTube video. ยป Full instructions

  7. blueplumblossomsdecoded

    Hmm It still doesn't work for me >_< this is the youtube link

    I try to copy and paste exactly like that and doesn't work, then I try to remofe the http, and still doesn't work,

  8. This is the shortcode that you place all by itself on a single line

    The guide is here

  9. Can you try using another browser and see if the problem repeats itself?

  10. Hello,

    Last night I started having the problem where I can not post YouTube links/possibly any link in the Dashboard Editor under the Visual Editor, I have to use the Text Editor to get the link to show, in Firefox 31 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

    I tried another YouTube link today (, and the same thing happened where nothing shows up when you click Paste.

    This problem has happened before in the past when changes are being made to the Editor by WordPress, other bugs usually happen during this time like problems with the More Tag, et cetera.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

  11. I go to the media section and do it via youtube but the problem is most of the time youtube makes my videos "pending" indefinitely so that isn't helpful.

    I upgraded to allow me to post videos directly to my blog but that has never worked. It just goes round and round then tells me "retry". I've not been able to post one video directly from my samsung galaxy note to my blog since upgrading (bummer).

    Any advice? Seems my only resort is vimeo now. But why can't I post directly via WordPress app?

    You can see I did get a video to upload via youtube last night..after waiting for hours for it to go off "pending" status. Surely there is something more efficient than that!

  12. When I post a link in the Dashboard Editor under Visual Editor nothing shows, but if you switch to the Text Editor you will see: " " (the code for double space I guess?).

    -John Jr

  13. And yes, whenever I try to post a youtube video directly in to my blog post , it never shows up. The copy and paste option is lost for me since upgrading. So I found the option in the media section.

  14. Since part of my last post did not show, this is what I was talking about that shows instead of the link:

    You are correct about the Add Media Button being another way to add links until this bug is fixed, as well as using the Text Editor to add links, thank you for sharing that Katiecoolady. :)

    -John Jr

  15. When you are trying to use the visual view, are you using the youtube shortcode? Or are you just pasting the URL?

  16. Hello Rootjosh,

    Just pasting the URL like I usually do, and how it used to work; and it would embed automatically like it is supposed to according to the Support Page.

    -John Jr

  17. I've tried both Rootjosh and neither will paste for me. It just remains a blank space.

  18. So this appears to be a real "thing" (as if you all hadn't figured it out). We're working on fixing it.

    In the meantime, you should still be able to embed youtube videos into new posts (or edit existing posts) by using your site's dashboard and clicking on "posts" to see your post list.

  19. Hello Rootjosh,

    Okay, and thank you for the update.

    -John Jr

  20. If anyone is confused as to what I mean by "dashboard" please let me know and I can help you out.

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