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    Is there anyway that somebody can lock a sidebar so that it can’t be changed?

    I have been asked by a friend to make some changes to the sidebar on her site. It was set up by somebody else for her and try as I may I cannot get changes I make to the sidebar to hold. Even though they seem to work while I am logged in to the site as soon as I log out they revert to what was there before.

    Any ideas about where I can go to find out what is happening?

    Much appreciated.



    A further bit of information: the site is an authorsxpress site. Perhaps that is significant?



    You must give a site URL like http://example.com or http://example.wordpress.com to get a significant response.



    Sorry for taking so long to reply – I had to get permission from my friend to publicise the name of the site.

    It is http://suzannenewnham.authorsxpress.com/ and if it is relevant the theme that is being used is Twenty Eleven 1.2.

    I find it hard to believe that it would be possible for the sites original creator to have locked the sidebar from editing so would be so grateful for your help.

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