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Unable to show Thumbnail when posting WordPress blog as Facebook link

  1. saifalikhanonline

    I manually post the link of the blog entry to a Facebook Page. When I attach the link, I have an option to choose the thumbnail to display on FB page. Since yesterday, this functionality seems to be broken. I only get the W wordpress logo as thumbnail. Is it a WordPress problem or Facebook problem ? How do I get around this problem ? I have tried adding links from other sites and it seemed to give me the ability to show thumbnail so I am suspecting it's a WordPress problem. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

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    The long and short of it is Publicize is not customizable. Manually posting to FB via your Sharing buttons works and allows you to choose the image. If you have FB sharing enabled, just click the FB button on your post and you get a pop-up page of FB where you can select the thumbnail. There’s a toggle you can use to go forwards or back to choose the image.

    You can have Facebook like & share buttons on your posts.

  3. saifalikhanonline

    Thanks for your reply. Yes this is the way I have always manually posting to FB and it gives me the ability to select thumbnails. Something was changed yesterday and you can no longer select thumbnails. There is only one option and that's the W wordpress logo. I have tried many ways. Wonder if anyone has the same problem. I can get to choose thumbnails if I repost old blog messages or links from other sites but not for new blog articles from WordPress.

  4. That must be really frustrating I'm so sorry I have no help to offer. Facebook frequently change things at their end and I have no idea if things changed there or here at the end. Have you considered contacting Staff?

  5. It works fine for me. In fact, I just posted one on Facebook.

  6. saifalikhanonline

    It seems to be working again today. They must have fixed the links. Thanks again for your help !

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