Unable to transfer from one domain address within WordPress to another

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    I am trying to transfer all of the information from inkwell1971.wordpress.com to thelanguageofcinema.wordpress.com .
    I have tried the import/export tools and they have not worked. I have also tried the transfer blog page, and it too has not worked. I want to be able to have people type in the second domain address as opposed to the first one as it looks better.

    The blog I need help with is inkwell1971.wordpress.com.


    The export and import is used all the time to transfer content from one blog to another. Please give us more that “have not worked” so that we have more to go on.

    Also have you looked at these support documents?




    I’m considering combining my two wordpress blogs into one and am wondering what that might look like.
    Main blog: http://www.geekgirl415.com
    Blog i want to move to the main blog: http://www.geekgirlsproject365.wordpress.com

    What I am assuming is that the post dates will be the deciding factor on where the posts go, so my project365 posts will be intermingled with the geekgirl415 posts?

    What can I expect on appearance or formatting issues? I see how to do this, but nothing about what it looks like once it’s done. I’m hoping it’s seamless and assumes the current theme, retains tags and comments? What about the stats?

    Thank you for any info or tips you can provide!


    The two themes you are using have different maximum image widths. Redoable Lite is 640px and Freshy is 505. That means that you might have to edit the posts with images and reinsert them so that they are the smaller size. Alternately you could switch to a different theme on http://www.geekgirl415.com/ that had a maximum image width of 640px. The existing images at geekgirl415.com would then not be full width, but you would not have to adjust them unless you wanted to. You could take your time.

    This post by Panos lists the maximum image widths for the themes here: http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2009/07/23/maximum-image-width/ .



    Thank you for your fast response, what if I changed the theme of the project365 blog to the same theme on geekgir415.com before exporting? Would that resize the photos or still cause sizing issues?



    It doesn’t automatically resize images.



    Okay. So my other questions were about tags, comments and stats- are they retained? Thanks!!



    No, stats are unique to each blog. When you change blogs, you start again. Tags and comments are included in the export.




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