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Unable to type polish ą in web editor

  1. Hi! I'm from Poland. Here in Poland we use polish programmers keyboard set (it means regular US keyboard with right alt supplement). We have some special letters ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ż ź. We can type them using AltGr button (right alt) and the letter. We can also use Left Alt+Ctrl+(Letter) to get the special polish letter. It is working completely fine as it used to except one letter: ą. You made some upgrade in July or sth like this and we lost possibility to write this letter in web editor. When I make right alt+a editor selects all the text (as I would type ctrl+a). All other letters works fine. For example when I type right alt+z to get ż it does not revert my edit like with ctrl+z. What did you do? How could you ;) ???
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  2. I found a better thread that describes my hopeless situation, so I wrote it there.

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