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Unable to upload avatar so that it correctly displays.

  1. I have tried over and over to get my avatar to upload correctly and thus far have been unable to do so ... is there something I am missing? I can get my desired image to upload to the server but it will not display after I am instructed to crop the image.

  2. How large is the file in kb?

    What file type is it?

    Browser and OS please?

    And what should it look like?

  3. My file size is 23kb. My file type is jpeg. I use Firefox but have access to Explorer. It is an image of me.

  4. Is the image on your computer or is it located elsewhere?

  5. I upload it from my computer ...

  6. I see the URL for it, and I think I know the problem:

    WordPress doesn't like, as in seriously hates, punctuation in URLs. Rename the picture with no dash in it and no spaces and try uploading it from that copy.

  7. Actually wordpress puts that hyphen in. Does it to all of them. Check out the URL for your avatar.

    Can you upload the avatar to your space and provide a link please?

  8. It is now on my about page and here is the link:
    src="" />

  9. Sorry, I gave you the wrong info, this is the URL to this image:

  10. Looks fine to me. How long ago did you upload that? Sometimes it does take awhile for avatars to show up.

  11. I have uploaded this image several times with the same result ... no visible image as my avatar. It displays fine on my page it just won't come up as an avatar when uploaded for that purpose.

  12. When I opened your image with GIMP, I got a notice about an embedded color profile to the images... maybe is that. Could convert your image to PNG file and test if works as ?

  13. I've had the black box issue when uploading regular images (but rarely) and it's usually solved by renaming the image. Not that I can see anything wrong with your image at all. Have you tried renaming it? I know it's a long shot, but at this point long shots are all we got.

  14. Black avatars have been the bane of other bloggers in the not so distant past.
    This is a long shot. But it has hit pay dirt before.
    Transparency Renders as Black in Avatar

  15. timethief ... thanks for the link to a discussion on my problem. I added a white background to my avatar ... I think it is working now Ok.

  16. I see it right. Glad to know is working now, I'll annotate this ;)

  17. YAY! I found the correct solution. :)

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