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    Guys & Girls, Please HELP.. i ve spent all day trying, but unable to upload images to the media library, ive optimized them down to 78kb, i ve uninstalled gears, ive tried jpg and png formats, pixel size i set at 480 x 321 for horizontal and 321 x 480 for vertical, ive deleted my cookies, switched off switched on, deleted history, i have searched the forums for ideas and solutions.. ?? i have uploaded 2 , but they were flukes and 2 hrs apart, ive s but still nothing, please give me some thing to go on.. i am now desperate…


    The blog I need help with is realgraphics.wordpress.com.


    What browser and browser version are you using?

    Is this something that has happened just recently or has it been a problem for a while?

    Have you tried a different browser?

    Did you try using the browser uploader (text link in the line of text below the select button)?

    Go to http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/ and install the lastest version of flash (the multi-file uploader is flash based).



    Hi there, thank you for getting back to me, i am using firefox 3.0.12, and i have tried it on safari Version 3.2.1, but no joy there.



    i have just downloaded and installed flash 10 (from your link), tried to upload a png file of 72kb and i received IO error. i then tried it with browser uploader and it still failed?



    this has been happening for a while now, i thought that there was a page (size of data allowed) limit, a few days back, so i broke a long page into subject pages, and i started to get somewhere, however, the majority of these images i already had in the media library.



    The browser uploader with firefox, is the only one that works for me.

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