Unable to upload images via Flash Upload

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    Hi all

    Up till about 2 months ago, I was using Flash Upload to upload all my images. I’m using the Tarski theme and initially thought it was due to my flash application. Whenever I attempt to use it, I get “I/O Error. #2038” message.

    I’m using a shared computer with my boyfriend, and he is using a different theme and is able to use the flash upload so I’m guessing the problem lies with the Tarski theme. Anyone who could help, thanks in advance.



    It’s been that way for everyone who’s upgraded to Flash 10. There are a lot of posts about it already in the forum.

    The solution is to uninstall Flash 10 and Reinstall Flash 9. Seems that Adobe deliberately removed the part of the code that would upload pictures.



    That IS odd that it would apply to one blog and not to the other, though. Shouldn’t have anything to do with the theme. Report it to staff via your Support button.


    Thanks for your advice.


    I have contacted Support and they’ve told me to delete cookies, cache etc which are things that I’ve already known and done, without much success. I still can’t use the Flash uploader. Anyone who has the same problem and know of any solutions, please help. It is very frustrating.



    Hi everyone,

    i’m still unable to get any resolution from Support. Would appreciate anyone who could provide a solution. Thanks in advance.

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