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Unable to upload photos on this mounth only.

  1. Hi there!

    I have a strange problem and I'm hoping that I'll find the remedy here.

    If I create a normal post, and I'll try to upload a photo, it just doesn't work. No error message, no blank page, no nothing. It looks like the photo was added, but it isn't in the post, nor in the ftp at the address where it should be.

    If, after I've created the post, I'll change its date to September (or any other mounth before) and after that I'll try to add a image, it works normally.

    What the heck is happening?

  2. If you're using ftp, then you're asking on the wrong forum and need to ask here, please:

    unfortunately we can't help you here on forums, as you are self-hosting using software. It's different.

  3. Oh, ok. Sorry for that and thank you for your answer.

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