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    I have had no trouble uploading photos until the last few days. I use the Browse and select the photo from my computer files as usual but when I select open….nothing happens. Anyone having the same problem???


    i’ll try



    I’m trying to upload a dozen pitures and can only select a single picture. I’ve not tried to upload the single image that I can select because I want to upload the group. In the past, I have been able to select 30 or 40 pictures and upload the group. Now I can only select one.



    I was able to upload a single photo just fine (via Browse, select, upload). I can NOT upload more than a single photo because the browse window is not permitting multiple selections.



    Have you guys updated to Flash 10? Adobe made some changes from Flash 9 to Flash 10 and the flash uploader here got broken in the process.

    Your choices are to downgrade to Flash 9 or use the browser uploader.



    I’m using the browser uploader and it uploads just fine–one photo at a time. When I try to upload several photographs, it will not let me select more than a single photo.


    I’m having the same problem. Need to fix the flash uploader for Flash 10.


    Lovely. Hopefully this will be fixed up in time for the 2.7 release.



    Your choices are to downgrade to Flash 9 or use the browser uploader. Adobe isn’t fixing their latest “upgrade’ apparently, even though many sites rely on their Flash for uploading.



    According to staff https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/flash-update-breaks-flash-uploader-mac-firefox?replies=17#post-260582

    The uploader doesn’t work with Flash 10 because Adobe crippled the file upload feature in that version.

    So it’s not a matter of fixing the uploader – it’s Flash that’s broken.


    There is a “browser uploader” link in the line of text below the “choose files to upload” button. If the flash uploader is not working for you then try using the browser uploader. It should work for anyone.



    The problem for me, as for many others, is not uploading a single image but multiple images in a queue so as to save time. The last post here https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/flash-update-breaks-flash-uploader-mac-firefox?replies=17#post-260582 says downgrading to version 9 doesn’t work. At 134MB I’m not eager to test it on rural dialup (and I notice from the red underline of the word dialup it’s not in the dictionary, it is now. :)) Has anyone got a workaround for multiple image uploading yet?

    Or is it a case of waiting for adobe to provide a patch?

    How reliable is your information Raincoaster, that adobe won’t be fixing this?



    I have a same problem in firefox, but the multiple upload works with IE. Annoying.



    Hello all. I am not a technie at all. I was able to upload photos from the Add Media button just fine until yesterday. I think it may be that I just clicked the install button for the Adobe Flash player. I miraculously was able to figure out that IU have both Adobe Flash Player 10 Activex and Adobe Flash player 10 plug in. I see from these forums that going back to version 9 will help. Although it looks like it doesn’t for others. I am only uploading single photos at this point. Does anyone know which of the two files I should uninstall? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


    Flash 9 has the uploader code in it while flash 10 does not. If 10 is removed as per the instructions in the other thread, and 9 reinstalled, everything should work just fine. You might have to log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and try again for it to work.



    The uploader should work with Flash 10 now. If there are problems, let us know.


    @mtdewvirus, that is good to know.

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