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Unable to use Publicize:Facebook - "Page Only Account" message in error?

  1. I am attempting to connect my blog to a newly created Facebook page. I created a profile ( and corresponding page ( I was able to connect my blog to my profile, and then subsequently my page without any issues. Since the first day I connected, however, my wordpress posts were not being sent to my facebook page. When I looked into the issue, I received the error message "Facebook Page-only accounts can not be used at this time." I don't have a page-only account; I created the profile before I created the page.

    Am I missing something? I am not using facebook as my page; I'm using it as my profile. I can't figure out why wordpress thinks I have a page-only account. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. I went to and saw posts up to January 4 being published by just fine.

    By the way, is your personal profile the admin of your Facebook page?

  3. The posts from the 4th are the only ones that have passed through to my facebook page. None of the rest have.

    And yes, my personal profile (the one linked) is the admin of the page. Could that be the problem?

  4. I don't think that's the problem, no. I'm out of ideas, so unless another volunteer thinks of something I forgot, I'll suggest you contact staff about this.

  5. What are the dates involved? When did you create the FB Page? When did you connect the two?

  6. The wordpress blog I've had for years. The facebook page I created and connected to on the 4th. As mentioned, it worked fine on the fourth, but hasn't worked since then.

  7. I read further down on the Publicize document and got to the part where it mentions losing the connection to facebook. I replicated that process and it seems to be working. I am calling the issue resolved for now, but if it happens again I will likely submit a ticket. Thank you for your help.

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