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Unable to view domain-mapped blogs

  1. look at the viewsource of your blog, rains and others too - it's built in

  2. yep quantserv is just another (along with goog-analytics) third-party tracker spying on .com visitors (thus evidently violating the Privacy statement), but this has nothing to do with this thread original topic.

    apparently they want to have logged in .com users to see a wp admin_navbar on mapped-domain .com blogs too, but it's boggling my mind, why .com does not check if the 'wploggedin' cookie is already had been set before its failure tries to set an absolutely identical one but from a mapped domain?

  3. @options
    Off Topic: Although this has nothing to do with the original post, please accept my belated thank you for this valuable information in your post above. Thanks to a fellow blogger's informative post I have used the instructions to remove flash cookies, quantserve among them, and to ensure any information a website may have stored on my computer has been erased, as well as, to ensure that new ones cannot happen.

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