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    The WordPress app crashed while I was making a blog post – I managed to recover it and post the entry via the My Site component through the browser interface since the app wouldn’t re-start. Since then, although the site works fine and posts can be viewed, I cannot edit or add anything – I simply get a ‘Loading My Sites…’ message which never ends. Editing the post directly simply gives me an empty editor with a ‘Loading’ message which again never completes. Trying to add a new post has the same effect. There are no error messages as such. If I back out of trying to edit/create a post, I get a message saying I haven’t published any posts yet … I assume something is corrupted somewhere. The URL is https://introspectivedigitalarchaeology.wordpress.com/ Can you advise? Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is introspectivedigitalarchaeology.wordpress.com.


    Just to add – it appears to be a problem with Firefox. I’ve noticed the stats page hasn’t worked in Firefox for some weeks too – the animated loading circles are distorted and simply rotate endlessly. I’m running Firefox 52.0.6 64 bit …

    Starting Firefox in safe mode with all addons etc. disabled makes no difference to anything. However, loading things in IE 11 or Edge works fine. Any suggestions as to why Firefox might be having a problem?


    OK – it is a Firefox problem not a WordPress one. Corrupt user profile. Creating a new Firefox user profile resolves the problem :-)

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