Unable to write new post seem to be in my site as a reader not writer

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    Very frustrated. Have written blog 3 times and lost , finally found in drafts where I finished but a purple publish or no way to publish. Then on,y able to access my account as a reader not a writer. Please help – am a novice with computers so all details of moves needed

    The blog I need help with is travellingwithsuz.wordpress.com.


    Hi saheggie,

    Then on,y able to access my account as a reader not a writer.

    There is one draft post on travellingwithsuz.wordpress.com, which was last worked on 4 hours ago:


    There is a working publish button but no post revisions. Do you recall the exact name of the post you were working on?

    Your account owns several sites, is there any chance you started the post on one of the others in error?



    The site should have been. Tassievisit2019.home.blog. It has been on that site I have had the trouble. I would appreciate your help as would like to complete my blog. Thank you




    What is the title of the post you have been unable to publish?

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