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Unactive blog adress

  1. Hello WordPress Community Support,

    Are Unactive blog adresses (and accounts) be deleted after some time?
    Because I'm hoping to created a certain blog adress, that is not active sinds it has been created (april 2009). I hope you can help me with my question :)

    Greetings, Mukkie
    Blog url:

  2. There is not requirement that those who register blogs must use them and Staff do not scatck back blogs and give them to others. If the blogger who owns the blog has acontact information contact them and if they agree to give you the blog this process can be used to transfer it Otherwise you are out of luck and will have to register another blog URL.

    That being said, bloggers who are commited to blogging over the long term don't blog on sub-domains. The purchase a domain name via a domain mapping upgrade and you can do that too. See >

  3. Thank you Timethief :)

  4. Thank you for not "shooting the messenger" and best wishes with your blog.

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