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Unapproved Paypal country

  1. Hi!,

    I'm Guatemalan and wanna get some credits for muy blog. But can't do it because my Credit Card is from an "unapproved" PayPal country.. *sigh* so what I can do to get credits?


  2. I think you might get an answer after January 2nd when staff come back from their Holiday break.

  3. ... and when can't get Custom CSS at $10 :'(. Just a thought, don't wanna be rude :). Cheers.

  4. There's another issue involved as well. There's no way to pick up only 10 credits. The smallest amount is 15.

    We can gift credits to one another. We might be able to work something out.

  5. drmike!

    Harr! Who needs a world currency when we can use WordPress credits instead?!

  6. Matt's attempt to become bankrupt the world's economies? :)

  7. I thought get 25 credits and paid 2 years, $10 of discount is more interesting.

    Really, WP (Matt) should get their own checkout system so we could get many credits as we want and paid with any valid Credit Card, not just these from "approved" paypal countries. Yes I know, that's hard but is the best :)

  8. I have a merchant account and that comes with it's own list of unapproved countries that they won't deal with.

    You also have to remember that unfortunately those countries are on that list for a reason.

    I can't remember if Guatemala is on their list though. I know other central American countries are though.

  9. At least in paypal only Costa Rica is approved. Many countries are not approved because haven't good laws against "money laundering" and other fraudulent issues.

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