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  1. theinsanityaquarium

    Thus far, my blog compromises of only three posts, and one of them is about a smelly goat. Now, this is either going to make you wildly excited or make you click back a few pages instantly. But that's quite alright: for those of you that are still here, I shall elaborate a little bit more.

    The aim of my blog is to publish anonymously stories that combine my reality and excessive inclination to over-emphasise, with the intention of being able to tell those things that were I to tell as myself, would either cause people to worry, or would make them want to drag me, kicking and screaming into the light. This blog allows me to avoid all manner of dragging.

    The stories I write, or indeed have written, have the tendency to be a little dark- and once every now and then if I'm incredibly lucky, some kind of wit will also be sitting happily amongst the pixels on the screen as well. I will write mostly of mudane day-to-day things, finding in them some greater bleakness, or some kind of humour. Which will happen, I won't know until I try to write... but if you enjoy reading elaborations of this mostly dull life, then you may very well enjoy reading my blog!

    Some of the things I write about will be real, and I will want them to be false, and others will be false, and I shall probably want them to be real. But the combination of these into some kind of consistent blog is entirely intentional and out of it comes the somewhat random but still excessively tediously intentional theme of the Insanity Aquarium.

    So like goats? Like darkly humorous stories? Like hating the day-to-day cycle of work and sleep and eventual death? Well, me too. And maybe then you'll like my blog as well... :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You know I'll be watching your blog, not that you will enjoy that fact. lol

  3. Cool! I'll check it out! Mind checking mine out too? It's new and I need as much feedback as I can harbor!

  4. theinsanityaquarium

    Thanks guys, and I shall of course be checking out yours also! ;)

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