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Unatached pictures

  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to clean the media on my site and I wanted to know if the "unatached" status of some pictures means that they are unused on the site itself but present on the database. I'd like to find a way to safely know and delete the unused file.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why would you "clean" the media library? Anything you delete is gone for good, from your posts and everything. You can buy a space upgrade, or you can just open a free blog and hotlink from there.

  3. because I have already over 600 pictures in the media library and over a hundred unatached.
    Most of them are in several exemplar or an older version from a pic that was updated and switched afterward.

    it's not a matter of space when I still habe 95% of space remaining but I don't want to end with hundreds or thousands of useless pics that will never be used and from which I couldn't even find what I need if it ever come to that

  4. God, i have thousands. I don't find it an issue, really. I can always do a Search in the media library to find something, provided I've given it a descriptive name. Up to you.

  5. And no, unattached doesn't necessarily mean unused. Attached means uploaded via the Add Media button of the post/page editor. An image that has been uploaded via Media > Add New (for use in a Text or Image widget) is unattached; the images that have been uploaded via Appearance > Header and Appearance > Background are also unattached.

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