Unattached images actually attached??

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    I want to make room in my media library. I usually upload images in batches, and occasionally there are pictures I end up never using in a post. I was hoping those were the “unattached” photos that come up when I use that filter searching the media library…so I deleted just a few, as a test, but they ended being images I actually had used in a post so of course they disappeared. I still have them on my computer and have already fixed that, but now I’m confused…how do I quickly sort through 31 pages of images and figure out which ones were used in a post and which were not?


    The blog I need help with is ohshecooks.com.


    There’s really no super easy way to tell. This is because it’s possible to take an image URL from the media library and use it anywhere on the web and the WordPress.com system doesn’t have a way to know the image was used.

    When an image is attached to a WordPress.com post, that means that the image will be visible in galleries or slideshows if they are inserted for that post. The attachment status, however, doesn’t indicate if an image was actually embedded individually into blog posts or other web pages.

    So, it’s a tough problem if you want to go through and delete images from your media library. WordPress.com doesn’t have any filters that will display a list of definitely-not-used images like that.



    Thanks for the response! Even though it’s kind of confusing….

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