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Unauthorised use of my email address to open this account.

  1. Someone using my email address to open account using the user name as ehtag. Please delete this account.

    Blog url:

  2. Well, how did you know the password to log in if it wasn't you?

  3. When I 1st received email fr WordPress, I ignored. Until the 4th emails saying that I have requested for re-setting of my password, I start worry. .As there was news saying that yahoo mails get hack.Then I quickly re-set my email password and also use the link fr WordPress' email to re-set this account. As password re-setting email was send to my email, I can able to change its password.

    Sorry to say that I mistakenly posted to public forum, I thought I am sending to WordPress' admin.

  4. If you can access your dashboard, you can delete the site by going under Tools > Delete Site, and following the instructions.

    There's a full guide here:

    Let us know if you need further help.

  5. There can be someone misspelled his/her email address while registering for a WordPress account. And you activated it by mistake.
    Nevertheless follow these instructions.

  6. I have successfully deleted blog under the name of ehtag. Thanks for your help. But I have been told that I can't delete my account.

  7. My pleasure. If you need anything else, just let us know.

  8. But I have been told that I can't delete my account.

    Correct - if you don't want this account associated with your email - create a junk email - log into this account and delete all info except email and change it to junk address then lock it up with a long long password just in case you ever want to use the account in the future

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