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uncategorized category tab

  1. I cannot get the uncategorized tab off the main menu. What is this tab and how can I remove it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Uncategorized is the default category which is automatically assigned to every post we do not assign a category to. It cannot appear in your menu bar without you creating a custom menu and including it in the menu. So go here > Appearance > Menus and delete it from your custom menu please.

  3. A default category (“uncategorized”) will be assigned to published posts if you don’t specify one. The name of the default category can be changed under Settings > Writing in your dashboard.

    When a category is deleted, all posts that were only in that category will be assigned to the default category. If a post was also in other categories it will remain untouched. Note that you cannot delete the default category.

  4. dribblingpensioner

    Change it to miscellaneous, it looks better.

  5. I created my own default Category in my Dashboard. In keeping with my blog content it is "Blogging Tips" and I designated it for my posts here Settings > Writing.

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