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    Is it just my blog? Or is it happening to others too?

    I click on Uncategorized ion my sidebar in order to find the posts WP dicked around with weeks ago with a recent bug.

    But now not only am I getting Uncategorized posts, but also posts that DO NOT CONTAIN the Uncategorized category!

    Will WordPress EVER EVER EVER get Categories correct and then LEAVE THE CODE ALONE?



    Categories are messed up in bizarre ways lately, and it’s affecting Google’s ability to find things in our blogs. I blogged about a video last week, googled it, and that post was the #1 result. Pretty sweet. Yesterday I googled the same words to find the video, and there IS no link to my post of that video, but there is a link to my blog under the Penguins category.

    only, my blog does not HAVE a “penguins” category.



    Maybe we should roll back to WordPress 2.3.

    I hear that software worked pretty well.



    It is never going to happen. If you want to use an older version of WordPress, here’s your only option:

    If you’re off WP.com and using an independent blog, nothing prevents you from running an older version of WordPress software, so you can have any dashboard style you like.

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