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Unclear about Typekit fonts

  1. Okay, I've gone round and round with Typekit support, and am getting the sinking feeling that I've wasted a bunch of time.
    It seems, via, that my template on IS compatible for Typekit fonts.
    Here's the DUH for a low-level WordPress user like me, not a programmer, developer or IT person BUT with a bit of html knowledge:
    Must I purchase the Custom CSS upgrade in order to use Typekit fonts?
    If so, it's not clear that that is the case. AND I would have made several different decisions, AND I would therefore have saved about 20 hours of my life.
    If it's not necessary to purchase the custom CSS upgrade, then I am having a problem with Typekit. However, if I DO need to purchase the upgrade to get Typekit to work, PLEASE CONSIDER adding some language to the Typekit intro page on WP that says something like "Typekit uses java -- we don't allow java without a CSS upgrade."
    I'm not savvy enough to want to get into CSS, unless I can find exactly where to plug in the new code, get in and get out. I'm willing to do it. I just wish I had known ahead of time that it was necessary.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In order to use Typekit on your blog, you do *not* need to buy the CSS upgrade. However, in order to use Typekit, you do need to be at least a little CSS-savvy, or get very explicit help from someone else.
    If you want to solicit such help in these forums, I'd post here, pointing out that you are using PressRow, and specifying how you want your blog to appear after the Typekitting. No guarantees, but you might get help that way.
    If you want to see why I think that Typekit requires CSS knowledge, even though it doesn't require the upgrade, see:

  3. I recommend checking out this tutorial TypeKit Guide – Change your Fonts

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