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    Struggling with this string, it just says ‘Add new after’

    Our language does not allow such null-subject phrases i.e. I must specifiy the thing that is new (e.g. new page/section/…)

    This is a problem in general with strings like that one (not only for Gaelic, languages like German will also fall foul of this bad English habit as the adjective will inflect for the gender of the inserted thing i.e. neuen/neue/neues) but for now, it would be good if a comment could be added that specifies what new thing will be added?

    The blog I need help with is akerbeltzalba.wordpress.com.



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    Already subscribed, thanks timethief, you’re always brill :)



    You’re welcome and thanks for the praise. It’s appreciated. :)



    This string is part of our unreleased theme/plugin o2. It means “Add (a) new (item) after (this item)”.

    Thanks for reporting the issue with original string! In this case, I marked it low priority since the project is still under development mode and the translation is not exposed to users. However, we can get a translator’s comment added to the original if it was something that’s seen by users. That way, other translators can also understand the context. So please don’t hesitate to let us know if you find anything like this in the future!


    Thanks! And yes, I’ll let you know.

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