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unclear text in body of posts/pages with Mystique

  1. Hi - just started to have a look at Mystique and it looks like it does everything i need it to... however the text isn't clear....any suggestions on how i make it crisper? is there a setting i have to activate or something?
    the site i'm working on is, for the moment, at

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ok - further confusion: when i view other people's blogs that use mystique the text is sharp and clear; and when i view my blog on another pc the text is sharp and clear.... its just when i view my blog on my pc that the text is a bit fuzzy (and i am viewing the page at the default size) ??

  3. ok next confusion: it seems to be something in my browser (Firefox) settings but i cant see what! When i view the blog using other pcs, running firefox, the web page scales up to nearly fit the screen .... when i view it in my browser it doesn't do this, it stays the same size... ???
    so now i realise its a Firefox setting rather than a problem with the theme (i think)... and therefore not really a WordPress problem, however.... any help would be fabulous cos its driving me crazy. thanks

  4. btw its the same in Internet Explorer

  5. check your screen resolution settings on your computer.

  6. cheers - just gone and done that and they seem to all be fine.... and it wouldnt explain why i can view other people's sites ok, but not my own?? would it? ... thinking it must be something in Internet Settings but cant see what... or is there something in Screen Resolution settings that affects Internet screen resolution?

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