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Undeletable Comment???

  1. I can't seem to delete, approve or sent this comment to spam... it's so weird. Every time i try to do so I get this message:

    "AJAX is teh b0rked."


  2. I have the same thing here. The comment has been posted by a regualr visitor to my site. But when I try to moderate the comment a box appears on the moderation page withg the text "AJAX is teh b0rked."

    Anyone know what is going on ?

  3. Send me full details please - everything I need to recognise the comment.

  4. It means that there is a problem with the AJAX javascript being used by and that the staff are aware of it and that they are working to "fix" it.

  5. Think that might be what's causing my disappearing/reappearing comment? It's starting to look like "The Prestige" on my blog...

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