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    It’s1:17am in Toronto as I write this. I have never had so many spams in one day and I can’t delete any of them! There’s no ‘news’ button that I see here in the forums, which would be my first choice to know what’s going on. Or maybe it’s just me. (A ‘news’ section would be useful for situations that have global application.)

    I have no idea what’s going on here or how to resolve this problem. I will shut down my pc and restart it and run my malware scanner (which I run periodically). I have an antivirus program that’s on (Avast).


    The blog I need help with is arrby.wordpress.com.


    You say you cannot delete them. Tell us what you are doing to try and delete them.

    Just so you know, spammers change their tactics, server and URLs all the time and the spam filters have to adjust to each change they make. Personally I at times get more than 300 per day (with a peak spike to 1000 on one day). Sadly that is life on the internet.



    Spam comments displayed in your comments / spam section of your blog – or junk displayed on your PC when you visit your blog?



    Someone else wrote about this problem yesterday as well.

    The “Delete Permanently” link under a comment in Spam or Trash doesn’t do the expected action, i.e. delete the comment. I’m also having this problem (amongst a myriad number of other problems since they upgraded us to 3.1).



    Hmmm, I just went to my blog here and deleted 4 spams with the “empty spam” button. Perhaps another case where some browsers are having issues and some are not?



    @tsp- The problem is with the “delete permanently” link under the comment. Bulk actions, like the “delete spam” or “empty trash” button work fine.


    Hmmm, I’ll have to wait for more spams to come in on my blog here and then try that. I seldom use that link.


    Jennifer, just tried the delete permanently link in comments, and you are right, it does not work.

    Another in a long list of 3.1 bugs. This reminds me of the 2.5 upgrade. Remember that one?




    Helloall. Lots of folks here!

    I grabbed a fresh Ad aware and ran it. My pc is clean according to aa. (No, I wasn’t having a problem outside of WP.) Went into my dashboard and tried the delete permanently under a single spam to no avail. Tried the bulk method and that worked. Whew!

    This would probably be a good problem for the good people at WP to get busy working on.



    When the “delete permanently” link did not work on my spam comments I simply clicked the “Empty Spam” link and it worked.



    @arrby-according to the email I received from Staff, this issue should be resolved and indeed I am now able to use both the “delete permanently” link under spam and deleted comments. Please check again.



    Okay. Thanks. Later…

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