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    I’m using Under the Influence and I can format my images (alignment, size, padding, etc) and it previews just fine, but once I publish my post the only images that hold onto their formatting are the ones with captions. I’ve played around with this and it seems that adding a caption fixes the problem for the most part, although I still cannot place images side by side.

    Except I don’t want to caption all my images.

    I tried practically every other theme and have NOT had the same problem- I was able to format images without adding a caption. It seems to only happen with Under the Influence.

    Any tips? :)
    There are no examples on my blog because I’ve captioned all the photos. Without a caption, the photo comes out obnoxiously huge & with no formating.

    The blog I need help with is desertbratadventures.wordpress.com.



    That’s because you’ve been inserting images uploaded to photobucket instead of your blog. To resize such images in this theme, you need to switch the editor to HTML and change this:
    <img class=[etc. etc.]
    to this:
    <img style="width:345px;" class=[etc. etc.]
    (345 is just an example, of course.)

    If you upload copies of your images to your blog and insert those copies, you won’t have this problem (plus your blog will load faster). If you do this, you get a different popup window upon inserting, which includes “Thumbnail”, “Medium” and “Large” options: you can set your own default width for those options in Settings > Media.

    It’s even better if you make copies of your images, downsize them to the desired width in an image editing application, then upload and insert those copies to your blog, because images lose quality when downsized by WP – see here:



    Thank you so much, I think it’s working! Really appreciate your help.

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