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Under the Influence - No comment section

  1. I switched to this wonderful new theme “Under the Influence”. But I just found out that post or pages don’t have a comment section. I want to use this theme but where will my readers post there comments if they land on a particular page.
    for example:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hmmmm, I just switched my test blog over and you are right, no comments section.

    Contact staff so that they can fix this: .

  3. It also says "powered by wordpress" in the sidebar where it should say, "blog at"

  4. I found also another bug (I think so). I have a slideshow in one of my pages, you know, the javascript slideshow and it doesn't appear correctly. Also, in the sidebars the letters are sooo tiny.

    Wish these bugs could be fixed.

    Anyway, it's a great theme after all. Nice work, WordPress Theme Team

  5. Have issued a support request for this.

  6. Looking into it.

  7. Comments & sidebar links fixed.

  8. Thanks Hanni !

  9. it's right there is not box of comments
    it's urgent to fix that!!!
    it's a really good theme...

  10. Hope you don't mind me posting similar issues I'm having with the same theme in this thread.

    I switched recently to Under the Influence (that is I guess more a less on the same day or the day after its release) and there's definitely something wrong:
    1. Today, I just opened firefox, went to my blog and I see text on my header. Went to the header in appearance and "Hide text" option is not working;
    2. A new text added in the sidebar that certainly wasn't there yesterday saying

    theme by spaceperson + powered by wordpress + follow via RSS

    3. I can't see the "Theme options" in Appearance (with the customization of the elements, I mean, for example, the columns, and such);
    4. There's also no comment area (I just checked it after you mentioned);

    That was all that I noticed. I say, this is rather odd, not to mention troublesome. These flaws didn't exist at all initially, did they. They just appeared ?(!)

    I really like this theme and I'm certain other people who do can be experiencing the same problems. I hope you can as soon as possible solve this matter.
    Anyway, I am, indeed, thrilled with the new theme team (thumb up)

  11. I have the same problem as iruvienne.
    Too bad the topic is marked "resolved" ...

  12. I reported the missing theme options last night. They're working on it.

  13. Just got back and seems it's solved ^_^ Hope all the other users with problems got their fixed too.
    Thank you, WP team! (thumb up)

  14. Just an update to say we've fixed the Under the Influence display issues. Thanks for your patience!

  15. Thanks for fixing! ^_^

  16. Is it possible to get the blog title and description text to go disappear once you have load a custom header? I've clicked "Hide Text" and "Save" several times. Or is that built in? Thanks for the assistance! See:

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