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    I’ve noticed that Under the Influence is fragmenting the posts in its left hand column including in the demo version: http://undertheinfluencedemo.wordpress.com/

    Is this something that you are aware of? A quick fix is to change to a 2-column blog but this is not satisfactory in all cases.

    The blog I need help with is hedonblog.wordpress.com.


    Could you explain the fragmenting a little? I’m not sure I see what you are talking about.



    The post immediately under the first post is separated by a gap that seems to be the size of the post in the right hand column.

    See http://paullvillagehall.wordpress.com/ (before the author temporarily switches to 2-columns).


    I’m not seeing that in Safari or in Firefox. What browser are you seeing that in?

    Can you point me to a landmark, such as a title or text phrase or something like that?



    I use Chrome but just checked and gaps are there in Internet Explorer also. I’ve snipped this to show what I am seeing: http://hu5net.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/gaps-capture.jpg



    I use Firefox and Chrome and see that big gap also – left column gap is as big as post on right column. Also on the demo version.


    Sorry for the delay. I was at this site, http://hedonblog.wordpress.com/ , which is the one linked to your username. Please always provide a link for use when you have multiple sites.

    I see nothing really that should cause this, but the thing is, the structure is set up to align the posts in the right and left column, and the post at top left is longer than the one at top right.

    Using Firebug I deleted the last paragraph in the Scary post and the misalignment went away, so this confirms the theme is shifting that second post on the left down so that it can align with a post in the right column.

    I’m not sure there is anything that can be done about this and still keep posts aligned properly side by side, but I would contact staff on it and see what they say.

    http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ and do a search for anything, then scroll down to the bottom, click the “no” button and the contact form will appear.



    Thanks for your help: thesacredpath


    You are welcome. Thinking about it, they might be able to change things so that the post in the right column would shift down below the one in the right so that the next left post could align, but the problem would still manifest that way too.

    This is one of the reasons that you typically see double-column post layouts automatically doing a “read more” after X number of words or characters. That way they can control alignment. With full posts they can vary so much in length that this sort of thing happens.

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