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    I am using the theme Under the Influence.

    Last night I noticed that on Safari and Google Chrome my individual post layouts had changed inexplicably without my intervention. There is now a large white space in front of the text, starting the posts at the bottom of the page, rather than at the top.

    This problem does not appear in IE and Firefox.

    As I cannot edit my stylesheet, I was curious if there was anything that happened behind the scenes that caused this? Or if it will be fixed? Or if there’s anything I can do to help? Thank you.

    My URL: http://jawasreadtoo.wordpress.com (but you will have to click individual posts to see an example of the problem)

    The blog I need help with is jawasreadtoo.wordpress.com.


    @brownjawa, I’m not seeing any large white spaces in front of the text in Safari, Firefox or Opera. I also looked at the source code for your main page and see nothing out of the ordinary there either.

    Did you get this fixed?


    Ah, I just clicked on one of the post titles to go to the single post page and see what you mean.

    There is an error in the CSS that staff needs to address. The width in .navigation is too wide and is breaking the theme. It needs to be set to 730px, the same width as the content area. Right now it is flowing over and into the sidebar which is forcing the content to start below the bottom widget in the sidebar.

    .navigation {width:730px; }

    @theme team, if you see this, go to this link in Safari or Chrome http://jawasreadtoo.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/review-the-search-for-wondla-by-tony-diterlizzi/ to see the problem.

    I would also suggest that you contact staff directly and then reference them back to this thread.



    And actually if staff wants to stay with the % width, 75% seems to fix it although they might want to do some testing with various length post titles and combinations of words to make sure 75% works solidly. 730px, matching the content width, should work no matter what.



    Thanks for the report (and sacredpath for the notes). We’ll get it fixed ASAP.


    @lance, you are welcome.



    @brownjawa The issue should be fixed now.



    Thank you so much everyone! :)

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