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  1. Well i am new to this site and have viewed several times before...

    i would like to understand where this site comes from?

    so before anyone gets high and mighty which seems to be the case, please use "australian understanding" when reading...

    im 27, have three children, work hard, dont agree with the way people have spoken in their comments... BUT... can understand some frustrations.
    I met a man two years ago who was a doorman at a nightclub, who was in the republican guard for saddams regime, i befriended him for a short time but he was rather 'out there' in his actions and beliefs, which is NOT the case for all assylum seekers, i do feel for them, however, this man who i wont name arrived by boat, and the things he spoke of at first made me sad, the journey he took etc.... but then he began to brag months later, how he would torture people, how we australians were dense, that he had such a 'bad' background and we let him through no worries... now i understand assylum, i am educated, not a bogan as you would state, but surely, with no papers, no checks, how many like him have been through?? i saw and watched him pick fights in clubs in perth and northbridge, at the door while working and out for casual drinks, he was a malicious and vicious person. You do have to wonder?

    when i was 11 i grew up in a not so fortunate area, where everyone, race or colour, was educated, and knew right from wrong, yet by the time i was 14 i had been beaten and robbed for my shoes, bike, school bag, a $2 coin etc etc... not just from aboriginals but also people who had immigrated here, and i havent yet seen a slant or banter from any of these races that banter white people, but they are out there, i know of several peoples fb accounts that have these slants, but they arent portrayed. By god white people have done some ghastly things in the past to other nationalities, but so too have they, sorry day should be a national sorry day, where we are ALLLLLLL sorry for the crimes and atrocities we have commited against EACH OTHER, not just one particular race. I am not racist, if you read this and think i am, grow up, look beyond your own prejudices. Because i am in no way a racist, i will help any one, do anything for anyone. But it goes both ways. I would expect anyone to help me, even if i am white and they are black, asian or middle eastern, just yesterday i was abused in the deli near a job because i couldnt understand the person at the counter, i honestly did not know what she was trying to say. Did i yell abuse at her?? i wouldnt dare, but it seems fine, because of a difference in cultures that i, as i white person can be vindicated and vilified as the wrong doer.

    I like your website, it shows a difference of opinions and hopefully will help break cutlural difference, but from my own experiences in perth, i think the understanding needs to swing both ways a little more, it is easy to judge from an arm chair but to be in the face and amongst it, is a lot different.

    I wa also the unlikely recipient where by i was swindled $12,000 by a person, who couldnt be taken to small claims court because his father was chinese consulate and protected by prosecution through his fathers name, it is only through my only mis-comings that i can see why some people would be "racist", be it a failure of the judicial system, immigration, whichever, but isnt it australian to have the free speech? to be denied jobs because of a rant or attitude?? i mean, if people can be pro something, isnt there an entitlement to be anti???

    i was recently called anti gay.... yet my mother in law is gay, i have gay friends etc... why?? because i told a gay man at my workplace i wasnt interested and i had a family, so i was portrayed as homophobic and racist. Go figure, because i wasnt interested and i prefer females i was persecuted, but there isnt a website to ask or slur the names of people of a minority that have done the wrong thing. isnt that in itself bogan?

    im trying to understand that is all, how one opinion is racist and bogan, yet another isnt?
    why mos of these slants you have posted are only the ones white people have said, there are MANY against white people?? shouldnt those people be considered bogan?? Or racist?? or even discriminatory?? my own dealings have lead me to believe, if you are an outsider, from another race or country, you arent racist, you dont discriminate, you dont be rude or nasty, that it is simply the culture...

    Can someone, without being rude, try and explain how this site works?? if it is to point out the australian bogans?? or the "bogans regardless of race gender or colour"

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  3. What site are you referring to adam?

  4. wait, what?

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