understanding below zero

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    We are only simple attorneys-at-law and economists and we must say, that the handling of WordPress is for elderly persons just — catastrophic! Where are keywords, metatags, what is a “categorie” with 0,1…. numbers, who is WHOSE “parent site” and and and trouble endlessly, at least when using the (sometimes wrong!) German version of WordPress!

    Why last not least is a contentless TAG related to the keyword TRANSSIBIRISCHE EISENBAHN PREISE, this means Trans-Siberian Railway fares, among the first results in Google but providing no information at all, and why on the other hand is our blog, which we use as a website, full of first-class information from Russia shown on Google page 5 or 6??? Upon checking our site, we get results such as “WordPress enjoys a very good reputation” etc., and that the technical impression would be good – but this does not help us. We get 100s visitors each week and we provide a first-class service with insider knowledge, no-one outside of Russia has got. Why do we have “”no backlinks””, the test said, but 100s visitors weekly?!?

    We are really at the end with our nerves, maybe just much too old for those things……….greetings from St. Petersburg, anyway! Paul

    The blog I need help with is transsibtickets.wordpress.com.

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