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Understanding the K2-Lite Theme, fonts, tables, remove image border

  1. Anybody know the K2-Lite theme well enough to know where in the style sheet these particular text items are on the page?

    Widget text (changing the text attributes of the"Get Updates!" mailing list widget I have listed there.
    Body text (changing text attributes for what is typed for posts and pages.)

    And three weird problems I keep having with this theme which I am not sure are fixable.
    1. Any time I have text in a table vs text outside of a table, it changes the formatting. The line height, letter spacing, and justification seem different.
    2. I would like to make it so I can make the margins more even around the pictures when the pictures are embedded into the text. It is narrower on the sides than on the top of bottom and I want those to be even.
    3. I also would like to know if it's possible to not have a thin gray line as a border around every single image I embed. It looks nice on some of them but on the one that is supposed to be Aiyana's "signature" in that post doesn't look good with a border.

    I als

    The blog I need help with is

  2. First off Aiyana, I would suggest getting the Firebug or Aardvark add-ons if you are using Firefox. They are considerably useful when trying to identify selectors for page elements. In addition, Firebug lets you try out changes to the CSS and see the results immediately. It also shows the HTML on the left, and the CSS on the right, so you can easily see the relationships and get to the selectors easily. CSS is a lot harder without these tools.

    Widget titles are under .secondary h2

    Widget content is under .secondary Widget links and such are probably under .secondary a or .secondary a:active

    The main text attributes for the entire theme are set under "body" and also under .entry-content or #primary

    The image border, padding and margins are here #primary .entry-content img

    As far as tables, that is typically all handled in the table code you put into the post or page. Table code generators will put a non-binding space into cells as a placeholder, and that can cause alignment issues if not remove once you put your stuff into the cell. Misalignment and such can also be due to cell spacing and padding settings.

    There isn't anything in the CSS specifically for tables.

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