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Undo Permanent Delete?

  1. I permanently deleted my blog, but now I realize I still needed it. I have no backups of the content. I see nothing in the help on restoring after a permanent delete(thus the word permanent i know), but I'm hopeful that there is a way. I would even pay to have the blog restored. I'm hoping maybe has a backup of the server. Please help.

    I can't choose the correct blog url in this form since it is gone(it makes me choose one regardless so ignore that):

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am sorry but you cannot claim a deleted blog URL. No one can use a deleted blog URL regardless of who registered it. Deleted blog URLs are not recycled here and you can confirm by reading:

    However, you can register another blog with a similar name.

    Or you can register a domain via a domain mapping upgrade and it will not matter what the underlying address is.

  3. The problem isn't so much the loss of the URL, its the content I want back... I could do with a URL change if I could get the content back.

  4. I'm sorry but that's not possible as I expressed above. However, you may be able to locate the indexed content in Google's cache and copy and paste to retrieve it.

  5. Thanks, I've managed to collect most of the data from google cache except images, but i'll try more.

  6. The images are here

  7. Thanks again, but it seems to only have preserved thumbnails and only a few of them(most in the search are not from the blog). Luckily the pictures were instructional and I can re-take them or possibly locate the originals.

  8. I'm glad you were able and are still able to reconstruct. Best wishes with your site.

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