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Undo removed header image?

  1. Hello, it's me again :)
    I've accidentally removed my header image and it seems like I can't get it back. Is it really so, that I can never ever have the theme, Twenty eleven, the way it should be without registering a new blog?
    I really need your help, I don't wanna start all over again :(

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh, and I forgot...if I can have it back, how do I remove header images that I've uploaded (just to see how they look) because I would like to show random images, but not all the ones I've uploaded?

    Thank you!

  3. Since you've posted this in the CSS Customization forum, I assume then that you have the Upgrade?

  4. yes

  5. Then you will have to be patient until one of the forum volunteers who knows CSS will be able to help you. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. Sorry.

    (The reason I asked is because with the CSS upgrade, you can't go the usual route to fix this.)

  6. Just remembered that the CSS Stylesheet is supposed to save your revisions.Maybe you can see and revert to your earlier stylesheet?


  7. Thank you, but this is what I've done on the CSS Stylesheet editor.

    I removed the header image on Appearance/Header and that doesn't show on the stylesheet.

    I can't believe that I wont get it back, because if it's gone forever, why don't ask if I really want to remove the header as they ask when I want to delete a blog.

  8. Uh-ooooh...I just clicked on a header and there it was :D

  9. But then again, how do I delete images that I have uploaded if I want to show random images but not all of them?

  10. I the media library...never mind...

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