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Unefficient Gallery

  1. Hey everybody

    I have a question about the photo gallery.
    I noticed that the gallery is really "stiff", for example going to the next picture in the gallery is really clumsy. I thought the gallery would make watching pictures easier and more user friendly. But if you want to go to the next picture in the gallery, you have to go back to the main post and then click on the next picture. Isn't there anyway to change this, or am I missing something?

    Kind regards

  2. No, you're not missing something. Right now, the majority of themes do not have a way of easily navigating between the photos of the Gallery without backtracking to the Post or Page that the Gallery appears on.

    We're hoping there will be changes with the introduction of the next version of WordPress in November.

  3. Can someone tell me what theme does have navigation between photos?

  4. Several.

  5. Mistylook, if I remember, navigates well between photos. Sorry if I'm wrong!

  6. Now we've got 2.7, but I don't notice any improvements to the gallery navigation. No luck?

  7. There wasn't enough time to get gallery and media updates done for 2.7.

  8. excuses, excuses, excuses :) You guys say there are some theme that can easily navigate between pictures, Im assuming you mean that when you are viewing a picture that you can click like a "next" button to goto the next photo, is there any way to do this on sandbox with CSS, because I use the gallery feature very often and this is definitely a sore point when viewing pictures.

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