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    I have tried numerous times to contact you WordPress/Automattic through various means and have yet to hear from anyone other then what seems automatically generated and now is just ignored.

    My blog has been suspended/ deactivated by you. but now you will not let me delete my content and urls from your servers. Why do you still want my content and urls?

    interestingly enough by keeping my urls active you are currently in violation of your OWN terms of service. by using the urls for key words not found in the content of the blog you are creating EXACTLY what you have highlighted in your own terms of service for what NOT to do. the content, as it does not match the url, is spam. it is “machine – or randomly-generated, and contains unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to a third party site, or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites,… or misleading recipients as to the source of the material (such as spoofing);”

    So i find it highly unethical that first you wordpress/automatic violate your own terms of service but also keep my work plus my urls where i cannot control what you do with them.
    Please delete my content and urls from your servers as per my repeated requests for europeanhomerentals.wordpress.com

    CC support@wordpress.com
    CC (email redacted)
    CC the forum

    The blog I need help with is europeanhomerentals2.wordpress.com.


    thank you for deleting my blog
    I was blogging for over two years on wordpress/automattic and had over 200 posts and was very happy with your platform.
    After being suspended last week for terms not stated in your terms of service, not having any contact with a live person to try and find a resolution to this, blocked from the forum where you can “talk” to a live person and being unable to delete my content and urls because i was suspended, when if you are NOT suspended you CAN delete your own content and urls, it was very frustrating.
    you need to look a little closer at your “terms of service” and perhaps issue warnings instead of straight suspension it might reduce the amount of bloggers who are in the same situation (it seems that there are many of them at this time).

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