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Uneven lines

  1. Will someone look at my blog and tell me why I constantly get ugly looking alignments to my posts? There are spaces at the right of a line where I know the next two words will fit, but there is not way to move them. I know all about the alignment tool, but that looks every worse.

    Why must I have a long blank area at the end of a line with the next few words being four or five letters in length and obviously easy to fit on the line above? I tried manipulating in the text mode as well, and nada. Just something wrong with all that...

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can't seem to find the issue myself, can you tell more in details where to look? Which post?

  3. Most recent one... Paragraph starts "Now I don't know about you"...
    A few lines down there's room for two words but I cannot bring the words up from the line below with visual or text.

  4. Hi there, are you by chance writing your posts in a different program and then copy/pasting into WordPress? I'm seeing what are called non-breaking spaces between the period and Our, between current and coinage, and between coinage and is, which is forcing those words to stay together no matter what. Open the post in the editor and take out those spaces and then add them back in as regular spaces (via the space bar).

  5. Thank you worked. Yes I often write my post in Wordperfect and sometimes I even copy it from my website and then paste. I was not aware that this was a problem.

    Thanks again...appreciate it.

  6. You are welcome. On the second row of tools in the editor is a Paste as Plain Text button. Click that and then paste in the stuff from Wordperfect and your other site and it will strip out any code that would cause a problem. I don't know that it will strip out the non-breaking spaces though. It may leave them in.

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