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unexisting strings

  1. Hello, Dear Jenia,
    Since a few days there are two misterious "waiting" strings to be seen on GP default page. Here is a screenshot of the issue:
    Thank you in advance for your precious help. Have a nice day :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there, thanks for reporting, looking into those "mysterious" strings and how to give them a normal status.

  3. oups! "mysterious", yes... sorry :p
    Thanks a lot, Jenia (-‿-)

  4. Hi, those were hidden strings and I made them disappear, so you shouldn't see them any more. Cheers!

  5. Fantastic! Unfortunately, three (new) phantoms haunting the invisible world tonight, maybe we should let them peacefully before they become an army :D

  6. Maybe the known caching bug?

    Best regards

  7. @lilmaouz : I don't see any phantom strings for French, do you still see them?

    @zodiac1978: the originally reported case wasn't a caching issue. For this second instance, I'm not sure from the information I have so far.

  8. Hi everybody,
    Well, the screenshot would have been the same as before…
    except the number, 3 instead of 2, but it's been corrected (?)
    Thank you both, have a nice day.

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