Unexplained Credit Card Charge?

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    I have an unexplained charge on my credit card that I haven’t used for months – I’d like to know why it’s there and how I can get it taken off. The credit card company can’t do anything until it goes through and then I can dispute it… but I’d prefer to know why WP is charging my credit card without me knowing.

    I’m pretty frustrated that the only way I can get in “contact” with WP is through a public forum. I called them and they ask you to leave a message with your problem and your email address.

    The blog I need help with is ashleyej.wordpress.com.



    I don’t see any transactions on your WordPress.com account.

    What is the amount of the charge and the date it was placed?

    Also, do you have any other WordPress.com accounts?



    It was placed 8/29, yesterday, for $18. I asked the credit card company and they said it hadn’t finished processing yet. I don’t have any other WP.com accounts… just a WP.org account.

    (Thanks for the quick reply!)



    Ok, $18 would be for a domain name.

    Have you ever registered a domain name with us, perhaps another person/account you know using your card? It is possible that auto-renew was enabled.


    I was able to cancel the automatic renewal for the domain name – I haven’t been using the blog or domain name for almost a year and it said that the renewal would take place on September 29, but it happened August 29. Is there a way I can get a refund for that since it happened a month early and I’m not using it at all? The account is betweenwestandmain.com.


    This is the same person as before – AshleyEJ… I’m signed in under my other account now.



    When domains are set to auto-renew, we renew them a month before their expiration date, as a simple failed transaction could result in the loss of the domain if we waited until the expiration date. A month gives us a chance to fix any problems and you a chance to arrange alternate payment if necessary.

    The charge actually hasn’t gone through on this end, so it should be effectively canceled. If your credit card provider does confirm that it went through, please let us know.


    Oh that’s great and makes total sense. I’ll keep an eye on it. SOO appreciate your help… sorry for all the hassle.



    You’re welcome!



    I’ve left this blog I was involved with about 8 month ago,
    and the new admin probably turned on the ‘automatic renew’ on a payment I made and meant it to be one time thing.
    I sent a request for a refund and cancelation of the ‘Personalize Design’ I’ve purchased, but what can I do to prevent the administrator to press the ‘automatic renew’ button again?



    @assafinfo: I see that you also send an email request about it, so I responded to that. In the future, please note that it’s best not to create duplicate requests and if you have a new question, create a new forum thread rather than start a new one – this avoids confusion and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

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