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    Does anyone have any idea how it is possible that a post I uploaded to the blog just now recieved 8 hite THE MINUTE it got posted? I was of course logged in during the whole time.




    Probably bots of some sort.



    So what does that mean? That my stats don’t worth s**t? Anybody can just come in and mess the place up?



    How many people are subscribed to your feed by e-mail?

    It could be that they get an e-mail as soon as you post and then come to see what you wrote.


    And they could have clicked through the “latest posts” links on the dashboard front page. Never know.



    Well, to my knowledge I have only one subscriber. My blog has been up for three weeks now. I tell you, it’s strange. The minute the post got published, it jumped to Top Posts with 8 views. As much as I’d like to believe I’m that good, It’s hard to believe that 8 people converged on my fledgling blog at exactly the same time. Maybe it’s really bots. That’s depressing.

    I don’t have any referrals for these views in my blog stats, so I don’t think they came from the dashboard.


    I bet I can explain it, because I have the EXACT same problem as you lior20. The reason this is, is because even when your logged in as admin, when you click on “save it and continue editing”, it counts as a hit, when you click on a link insdide your p[review post, it also counts as a hit. I did a test and opened up a post that had 1 hit on. I hit “save and continue editing” 9 more times, and sure enough, after refreshing the stats page, it showed 10 hits, I was really disappointed. It’s very funny you mentioned this as I just sent feedback about it 30 minutes ago, and come on to this forum to see if anyone else had the same problem. Here’s hoping it’s a bug, our edits shouldn’t count as hits.

    Also, I only noticed this today, not yesterday, because I had 10 hits and 0 the day before, today I had about 87, lol.



    That must be it! That’s crazy. I hope they work it out. would appreciate an update on this matter. Thanks a lot.


    I sure will, no problem.




    Can someone explain: HOW does one know/find out how many people are “subscribed” to a blog? –Didn’t even know it was Possible to find out (–and Kewl!). (I also don’t know about reply, after what happened last time I posted, but from reading threads about Forum volunteers and threads in new “Off Topic” Forum, I’m optimistic; would most appreciate an answer.)

    Note: to Trent
    A smart techie who can ‘translate’ (–into human English)??? Way kewl! You have a cherry sound, look forward to reading your info, glad you’re here!

    Note: to drmike
    I’ve been mostly out-of-whack/off-line with electricity, plumbing, roof and broken furnace probs, for several weeks, that have nearly driven me over the edge, so I can relate to others’/ your stress; appreciate that you’ve still replied to requests and given help in neutral, helpful posts. –Do NOT know how you have the energy or the grace, but, since a more-relevant thread is now closed, from a lurker (who is nearly always mystified): Thanks.
    (Is there a way: get WP Admin. to Stop adding new things??? lol)
    Too bad if it’s late(!): Wishes for Good New Year to each!



    Bots aren’t counted in your stats on WordPress.com, which use Javascript rather than server logs to count hits.



    Thanks for clearing that up. I really like the way stats are laid out for WordPress.com blogs so I don’t bother with Sitemeter or anything like that. The feed stats is something else, I use feedburner because WordPress says 20, then 6, then 27, then 2 readers. Not very helpful.


    I just noticed something else about these hits, now wordpress counts the hits I make to my website when I was logged in as the admin. I ran a test and clicked on the “vew site” link at the top of the page 10 times, and sure enough, my stat hits increased by 10, grrr!



    That’s not cool. I don’t know why for some reason I thought it wouldn’t count hits by a blog owner once he was logged in, but if you see that, then I must be wrong.


    I don’t seem to have this problem on my blog. I got worried a bit because after the first ‘view site’ the hits went up by one, but in all subsequent tries the hits stayed the same.
    The weird thing is that this doesn’t seem to be a global WP.com problem, with the shared environment and all…


    Hmm, it seems I jumped to conclusions a bit too early as it took some time for the stats to update and now I have 9 more hits with no referrer.



    It should never count the blog admin as a hit if that person is logged in. Definitely something to report via feedback if it’s happening.

    But it is entirely realistic that 8-12 people see your blog on “most recently updated” and clicked through. It depends what time of day, though, with midnight GMT being the best, because a lot of people are on WordPress then checking stats.



    I just noticed the same problem, today, and am glad others are encountering the same issue. Hopefully, this will be fixed.



    I got no traffic for two days; for the most recent post, since it went up: “traffic” stats is a huge orange blank box. Now I’m writing a post, I hit “save and continue” but when I went to check stats just now: blog I’m still writing has a hit –HOW is that possible? Why is any of it happening? I read the Admin. note, on 32-hour lag on stats, but what’s with the rest of it? Anone else have an orange box?

    Second request: How can I find out how many subscribe to a blog’s feed?



    Could be bots. On my old blog I had this counter that showed IP numbers and it showed Google’s IP number which I ran through and found out it was from Google’s address. So it could be bots from other search engines.

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