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    How to unfollow a follower
    Blog url: http://mijnkeerpunt.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is mijnkeerpunt.wordpress.com.



    We cannot do so on a publicly visible site.



    Note that you have complete control comment moderation. http://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/discussion-settings/#comment-moderation If your blog is public others can, of course, read it. They can submit comments but you can Moderate all comments and choose which ones to approve or not.

    For trolls, you can “blacklist” them at Settings > Discussion toward the bottom of that page. Enter their email address, their username, and if they included it, their website. That will automatically send them to moderation so that their comments do not appear on the blog. Do note though that if they are determined, they can use a different email address or username to get around that. Also, do not put their IP address in the blacklist. IP addresses are no longer unique, and you might end up blocking legitimate visitors. Also, all they would have to do is go to a wi-fi hot spot, or connect via a different ISP and they could get around that.

    One other thing I would suggest is to set your blog so that first time commenters are held in moderation till approved, then from that point forward they will not need approval. Settings > Discussion. The next step on that of course is to set it so that all comments are held in moderation until approved. That way you are in control, and they might just get tired and go elsewhere after a while.



    Thanks for the answers. I already held comments in moderation till approved. My question is because a follower don’t want to follower my blog anymore and she’s unable to unfollow. That ‘s any I want to help her and unfollow her.



    If she is receiving your posts by email, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every new post notification.

    If she’s reading from the WordPress.com Reader, she can edit the list of blogs she’s following on the “Edit List” that appears at the top of the Reader.

    Lastly, she can simply go to your site while logged in on WordPress.com and click the Following button in the Admin Bar, which will change to “Unfollow” when she passes her cursor over it.



    Thanks Jennifer! I shall send her your answers.

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