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    Hi Team,

    We are performing unfollow operation using api /sites $site_ID/follows/mine/delete where $site_ID can be id of the site or its domain. If we perform unfollow using id of the site it is working perfectly but if we perform using domain, it is giving error as ” you are not subscribed” although we are subscribed.


    Hi jaymin09,

    What is the URL of the site you are working on? It’s not possible to run these operations on WordPress.com so it sounds like you may have a self hosted WordPress.org site:


    If you can share the URL with me, I’ll see if I can point you to the right place.



    Hi Gemmacevas,

    Thanks for the quick response. I am trying to run the api from developer console of WordPress:


    In that, I am referring to unfollow operation for “FOLLOW” object and api is /sites $site_ID/follows/mine/delete. We are doing it using domain of the site instead of site id.


    Hi pslconnectorfactory,

    I am trying to run the api from developer console of WordPress

    Oh I see! In that case, please get in touch using the contact form on developer.wordpress.com:


    There is also some documentation for the WordPress.com API here:


    I hope this helps :)


    Hi Gemmacevas,

    Thanks :)

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