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Unfollow the NonFollowing - Why Not A Feature Yet?

  1. I'm kind of shocked that Word Press does not have a convenient way of seeing which of your followed friends is NOT following you back. Mutual friends are essential and required for many social networks and online communities. I might follow a blog that I like, but in the end if they are not paying me any attention I will want to know and be able to swiftly unfollow them.

    Everything at Word Press is designed to view your followers so you can make sure you're following them back - but that's not the main concern. I want to unfollow my non-followers - all of them.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Delegating community management to robots sort of goes against the entire idea of community. I follow blogs without demanding reciprocity because I read what I'm interested in, not as a reward for some kind of social capital donation.

    Curate the list of blogs you follow however you like, but it's not too much to expect that you'll do it yourself. If you don't know who's not following you, why does it matter to you?

  3. This would be a great reply if I was a robot but I'm not. Reciprocity is not too much to ask for, and it's a valid stat that is tracked at many other major blogging services.

    It's easy to miss an unfollow because it's the ABSENCE of something - thus you aren't going to SEE what isn't there. Why keep track, you ask? Are you seriously judging me for my ideal stat report?

  4. As selfish as it seems, it's just like in real life. If you really like someone but they don't like you - you might not want to waste any time on them. Same goes with feeds, with obvious exceptions. There is so much you can learn and gather from an unfollow (which you might otherwise not notice, because not everyone posts or comments constantly) that it's a shame we don't have the option of tracking it more easily.

    Would you want to know if someone broke up with you? Are you shocked that is isn't always apparent in the passive realm of blogging? Honestly, if you're following a bunch of individuals who take no interest in you, I have more questions to ask about that than why a disconnection might matter to you.

  5. But what if you follow them because you are very interested in the content or subject matter of their blog...but they are not terribly interested in yours?

  6. Yes, I am seriously judging you for your request. I'm writing my blog to express myself, not to create meaningless obligations on the part of my readers.

  7. I'm with raincoaster and jessielansdel. I neither expect nor demand reciprocity and I don't play any social networking follow me and I'll follow you games at all. That way I know who actually likes my content.

  8. It's fine to be of the opinion that you should only follow people whose writing interests you and to not worry or know whether or not they like what you're doing. Seriously. Duh.

    I'm talking about the people who act like they are interested in friending you and "follow" you long enough to give you that notification. I get people like this, give them the benefit of the doubt and go, "Well if they wanna take me on I'll start checking their feed too!" only to find much later after my time invested that they were spammers. I didn't know when I started adding people to my feeds that Word Press had that sort of activity - so I just adjust accordingly now and screen better.

    And I still think it's a great tool to be able to see who has stopped following you, for tons of reasons. But being in the minority here I see there is no support for it if mass opinion is the latter (which is really the only "game" here). Thanks though. Maybe someday.

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