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Unfollowing not working!

  1. I am so frustrated. I have unfollowed a blog because I get notified everytime they receive a comment. This morning I work up to almost 250 comments to this guy's blog. I actually like it but I don't have the time for my own blog let alone to read all of his stuff. So I unfollowed. I also went to my options and unfollowed under my own settings. I am still receiving notifications when he gets a comment. How can I unfollow for once and for all? PLEASE help.
    Thank you!
    Blog url:

  2. To un-follow a post (I am guessing you followed the comments of a specific post?) within the email you receive you will see at the bottom of the email a link that says subscription options
    note the screen shot
    After you click the link find the post and hover the mouse over it and an un-follow link will appear.

  3. Thank you for helping!!!
    Sooo bear with me.... the link I followed is below:
    I follow blogs because I appreciate what they write. I have not changed my mind about the above blog. I still appreciate the content.... however, I love your name... "Time Thief" that is exactly what the above blog has been!!! I had 192 notifications from that blog this morning. Okay, maybe I a jealous that I get about ten or so a blog and not sure how this one generates so much traffic... but not really sure that even if this was a response from my own blog... I would have time to read them all unless that was my only job... ya know?
    As it is, I am having to just delete all of 's notifications before I can even get to my own emails. I have unfollowed and also gone to the bottom of one of his emails and unfollowed and was surprised to wake up this morning with all of the emails waiting for me once again. Ahhhh... what can I do? Weird that all of a sudden this started happening.

  4. I had/have a blog on Sugar and they have a place to contact them. I find it very inconvenient that WordPress has not official place to go to in order to get help if the question you have is not available... so thank you for trying to help timethief!

  5. I think I figured it out. Missed a box I was supposed to check.

  6. Thanks timethief ♥

  7. Thanks timethief ♥

  8. Hooray! You figure it out. Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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