Unidentifiable outgoing click from my blog

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    My stats are showing several recent cumulative clicks on “?#” That’s it, just a question mark and pound sign. It is not hyperlinked, so I can’t tell which of 75 posts it came from. Is this something anyone recognizes or is one of my links broken?

    If it’s a broken link, is there any faster way to narrow down where so that I can fix it than clicking on every one of several hundred cumulative links myself?

    Because of this blog’s subject matter, there are usually several links to primary source material and related posts in each entry, old posts are still relevant to many visitors and it’s important that they are as accurate and up to date as possible. Unfortunately, also because of the subject matter, many people are reluctant to comment and identify themselves. I get relatively few comments and even fewer corrections.

    The blog I need help with is ibsimpact.wordpress.com.

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