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Unidentified blog in "My Blogs" on dashboard

  1. There's an unidentified blog on "My Blogs" section of the dashboard. I'm listed as an administrator and it links back directly to my blog's domain at

    I'm having issues with JetPack, which is why I came to to check on my blog. I was surprised to see this new "" blog which isn't mine at all, I've never even heard of it before.

    I tried google, and one of the searches gave me a name change on 8/24/2012. Here's the search result: . Apparently, That's when this mysterious blog was added to my dashboard. It appears to be a very legitimate blog, it just isn't mine, and I'm surprised to see it on "My Blogs".

    I need to delete this mysterious blog off my dashboard in order to sort out my troubleshooting issues.

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for this report. I've brought the issue to our developers to have a look and will keep you posted here as soon as I have news.

  3. Thanks, I'll wait for news.

  4. Our developers had a look and said that the best thing to do is for you to go ahead and delete that site through your dashboard, under Tools > Delete Site, here:

    That should take care of removing it from My Blogs.

    If you run into any trouble just let me know.

  5. I clicked the link and deleted the blog. However, I'm still waiting for the confirmation email, so for now it's still there on my blogs' list.

  6. I'm taking over for kathrynwp on this since she's out for a few days.

    I see that you did request the site be deleted, so I went ahead and manually deleted that blog for you.

    As someone was updating that site as recently as yesterday, I highly recommend you change your password as whomever was updating that site was using your login information.

    You can change your password from the Settings tab on the home page:!/settings/

    Please follow the instructions carefully. You'll receive an email during the reset process, so make sure you read it for important instructions. If you don't receive the email right away, check your spam folders as well because the confirmation email can get caught in them sometimes.

    Once you've reset your account password, you can see our suggestions for choosing a strong password here:

    Let me know if you have any questions or have any problems.

  7. Thanks for the deletion. I can now see that it really has been deleted, and it's no longer on my blogs' list.

    About the blog update using my login info, are you sure that wasn't me when I was updating my blog? Or was it really used for the blog?

  8. All I can see is the update history for and username "buzfairy" was the user making all the posts on that site.

    If it was you making those posts, then you should be fine. If not, then you should change your passwords.

    I hope that clarifies things!

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