Unintuitive – invitation to be user on additional WP blog will not activate

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    I was sent an invitation to become one of the bloggers on a new WordPress.com blog.
    I already have my own WordPress.com blog. The invitation was sent to my email that is linked to my own blog.
    However, the email I received says
    “You have been invited to _create_ a free WordPress.com blog. To accept this invitation, visit
    http://wordpress.com/xxxxx” and when I click on it, I get the page inviting me to create a completely new blog. There’s no information about what I’m supposed to do to activate the blog I’ve been added to.
    When I go to My Dashboards, my list of blogs does not include the one I have been added to.
    This is very unintuitive. Past frustrating and right over to annoying, actually.
    How to I activate the invitation and begin posting on the other blog?

    The blog I need help with is lmighton.wordpress.com.


    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again. Some browsers hang onto cookies and will basically never accept an update until you clear the cookies (IE is infamous for this).



    I tried this, and no change.

    Cleared everything, relaunched browser, re-clicked ‘invite’ link.
    I get a page inviting me to create another WordPress blog. No indication of what I’m supposed to do if I want to just join one that already exists. If I try to enter that blog name, it just says it’s not available. If I go to the dashboard to see if the new blog name is there, it is not. If I go everywhere I can think of in Settings and Dashboard to see if there’s somewhere I need to accept the new blog invite, I can’t find anything relevant.

    This shouldn’t be so hard… very frustrating…




    If you go to your Admin bar at the top of the page when you’re logged in, what do you see under “My Blogs”?



    Just my own ones. The one I have been invited to join isn’t there. :(



    Please give us a link to the blog you’ve been invited to join, starting with http. I think the issue may lie there.



    The actual blog is at http://ecobirdy.wordpress.com/ (I can go in under the blog owner’s edit and use the dashboard so the blog itself does work).
    The invitation I received by email used this URL…

    “Howdy Lisa,
    You have been invited to create a free WordPress.com blog. To accept this invitation, visit



    ‘under the blog owner’s ID’, that should have said



    I honestly think they sent you the wrong invitation. That shouldn’t be the text of the invite. They literally only invited you to start a new WP blog, not to contribute to one.



    This is exactly the problem I am having. In fact, I’ve had it twice because I just sent an invitation to myself to double check the problem. So, apparently I am sending the wrong invitation? Here is what I did:

    On the “Users” heading I went to “invites”. There I entered the name and email address of the person I wanted to invite (me). I checked the box: “add user to my blog as a contributor”.

    That generated the following email message, which, again, came to a different email address of mine so I could test it:

    “Howdy Jenny,

    You have been invited to create a free WordPress.com account
    by Jenny from http://jennysfamily.wordpress.com. To accept this invitation,
    visit http://wordpress.com/invite/2f743c6f7c26c391522122139f351c51

    Jenny personalized this invitation by writing:
    “I’ve been using WordPress.com and thought you might
    like to try it out.”

    The WordPress.com Team

    PS. If you are new to blogging check out:

    Is that wrong?

    Thanks for your help.



    If that person then goes to Create an account, the blog in question should immediately show up on their Dashboard. Have you tried that?


    If you are trying to add contributors or authors to your blog, you add them under users > authors and users. If the person has a blog or an account here already, they they will be added to your blog immediately. If they do not yet have an account here then they are first invited to create an account, or if they wish to set up a blog. Once they have an account, then your blog will show up in “my dashboard” in the grey admin bar.

    Under users > invites, that is just a way for you to send notices out to others that you think might like to set up their own blog here at wordpress.COM.



    I think the problem I had when I sent a test invitation to myself was related to the fact that I was logged in to my original account. When I logged off, I was able to click the link and go to the sign-up page instead of the create-a-blog page.

    Problem solved for now. Thanks.

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